A compilation of many years of listening, counseling and living, fasten your seat belt and take this crazy ride with me…just tryin’ something different.
photo serenity on the pacific coast; tim pettiford

Free your mind and joy will follow. Release that pain that lingers from the past, release those thoughts of rage; release the feelings of inadequacy, feelings of guilt and shame. “I wish I had”, “if I had only”, “I should have” will imprison you, will hinder and bind you; release! Release the memories of the teasing, the embarrassments that you should never dare to own, the thoughts of someone invading your space, your self, invading YOU; release!
Release the anger, hatred, rage, malice, envy, coveting, despair from not getting what you desire to have; STOP take a deep breath and release! So you could have, should have, would have, hmmm let it go; release! That decision, those choices, right / wrong; sigh, take deep breath and release! Let it go, let him go, let her go…LET IT ALL GO; release! I am too tall, I’m too short, fat, ugly, wrong color, bald, bad hair…SCREAM; release!

photo san francisco sunset; tim pettiford
San Francisco Sunset

“My life is worthless”, “what’s the use”, “we are all going to die”, “I have no future”, “I don’t matter”; negative, neg-a-tive, n-e-g-a-t-i-v-e, destroying me; release! What does it all mean, who is that staring at me in the mirror, do I know who you are? Change, changes, changing always changing, I cannot take it or CAN I? You dare compare ME to what to whom, I AM unique, I AM ME, not some clone or droid, not your puppet that dangles from strings that…who controls the strings? snip snip; release. Delete, erase, shred, GONE; release!

I am FREE to be ME, not who you say I should be, I am me free to be what I decide to be, I AM ME! Can’t accept then BYE, I am setting myself FREE to be ME. I make ME who I AM, I decide how I will feel and for how long, I decide! I have the key to set ME free. Journey through MY thoughts, journey through MY mind, journey inside of ME…I love ME! YES, I love ME! Drugs, alcohol, my pimps (job, house, things), pseudo-masters, boss, you are excused; GO…just walk away ‘cuz I’m free, won’t let nothing control ME!

I give myself permission to BE ME; FREE!

JOY is here!

Now how do you feel, are you free? Give me your thoughts, your feelings, but please be nice.


About Bishop Tim

Born in 1952, I consider myself to be very blessed in that I have lived a very full life, with many experiences in what I consider to be the three most significant areas of life, Personal, Professional, and Spiritual. I am a fully recovered drug addict/dealer who did many things in the past that I now use to minister to others since 1977. A Vietnam era veteran, retired computer engineering executive/computer geek (web and graphics design, programmer, consultant and analyst), husband, father and grandfather, minister, amateur photographer, artist, musician, vocalist, instructor/teacher and chef... I strive to fulfill my purpose in life “liberating God’s people” with sound truth. Sound Truth Ministry has the freedom to provide the unadulterated Word of God. We have no overhead, physical building or congregation to try to please and we are not asking for money. All that we do is provided "free of charge". "Heal the sick, raise the dead to life again, heal those who have skin diseases, and force demons out of people. I give you these powers freely, so help other people freely." Matthew 10:8
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4 Responses to Release

  1. TimSerious says:

    Reblogged this on Tim Pettiford's Blog and commented:

    I decided to reblog this, I know it is very different and may be strange but it is what we sometimes feel inside. Consider it a way to escape, I have tried it and found that it works for me, cause I am free, I released myself from being held captive or stymied by others opinions…there were some who said I would never amount to anything or looked down on me because of my race and/or social-economic status. Held captive to illicit drugs, had to rise above being a product of my environment. Thank God I have been released!

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog…keep them coming!

  3. I loved your photos they are as therapeutic as your blog.
    Honey, you are a fantastic photographer!

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